Redmine 0.8.4リリース


5月17日、Redmine 0.8.4がリリースされました。


  • Allow textile mailto links
  • Fixed: memory consumption when uploading file
  • Fixed: Mercurial integration doesn’t work if Redmine is installed in folder path containing space
  • Fixed: an error is raised when no tab is available on project settings
  • Fixed: insert image macro corrupts urls with excalamation marks
  • Fixed: error on cross-project gantt PNG export
  • Fixed: self and alternate links in atom feeds do not respect Atom specs
  • Fixed: accept any svn tunnel scheme in repository URL
  • Fixed: issues/show should accept user’s rss key
  • Fixed: consistency of custom fields display on the issue detail view
  • Fixed: wiki comments length validation is missing
  • Fixed: weak autologin token generation algorithm causes duplicate tokens