Redmine 0.8.5リリース


9月13日、Redmine 0.8.5がリリースされました。


  • Incoming mail handler : Allow spaces between keywords and colon
  • Do not require a non-word character after a comma in Redmine links
  • Include issue hyperlinks in reminder emails
  • Prevent nil error when retrieving svn version
  • Various plugin hooks added
  • Add plugins information to script/about
  • Fixed: 500 Internal Server Error is raised if add an empty comment to the news
  • Fixed: Atom links for wiki pages are not correct
  • Fixed: Atom feeds leak email address
  • Fixed: Case sensitivity in Issue filtering
  • Fixed: When reading RSS feed, the inline-embedded images are not properly shown

Redmineのクラウドサービス「My Redmine」です。