Redmine 0.8.3リリース

作成日 2009/04/06

4月5日、Redmine 0.8.3がリリースされました。


  • Separate project field and subject in cross-project issue view
  • Ability to set language for redmine:load_default_data task using REDMINE_LANG environment variable
  • Rescue Redmine::DefaultData::DataAlreadyLoaded in redmine:load_default_data task
  • CSS classes to highlight own and assigned issues
  • Hide “New file” link on wiki pages from printing
  • Flush buffer when asking for language in redmine:load_default_data task
  • Minimum project identifier length set to 1
  • Include headers so that emails don’t trigger vacation auto-responders
  • Fixed: Time entries csv export links for all projects are malformed
  • Fixed: Files without Version aren’t visible in the Activity page
  • Fixed: Commit logs are centered in the repo browser
  • Fixed: News summary field content is not searchable
  • Fixed: Journal#save has a wrong signature
  • Fixed: Email footer signature convention
  • Fixed: Timelog report do not show time for non-versioned issues